Wednesday, July 2, 2008

UFO Anti Gravity Technology

This just shoes Gravity is nothing but a manifestation of Electro Magnetic Forces and go back to a deeper Multi Dimensional Source - which was first tried to be explained by String Theory, and now Super String Theory, along with Micro Gravity, Micro Black Holes, Super Gravity, Super Black Hole, Simultaneous Containment and Entanglement, Parallel World, and so on. The Weak Force, that causes Atomic Decaying and the Strong Force, that binds protons and neutrons are just a name given to Forces that is yet not understood by Modern Physics - like Gravity.

Gravity is not the cause of Space-Time Curvature Bending! This is the fallacy of the modern Physicists! I am underwriting a paper but never getting to it. The Space-Time Curvature is caused by the Gravity - which is nothing but a manifestation of Electro Magnetic Atomic Forces. Similarly the Space and Time Curvature at micro level, is also modified by Electricity and Magnetism! Tensor Mathematics and 4D Geometrical Dynamics is a model to explain the effect and not the cause and the source of Gravity! General Relativity assumes Four things to explain the "Source of Gravity" : (1) Presence of Big Mass, (2) Presence of Small Mass, (3) Momentum of Small Mass, and (4) Unknown Force Causing the 4D Space-Time Curvature "underneath" the Big Mass M - as if there is "Another Gravitational Pull"! Even if the last point is used "metaphorically", it does not explain the source of that Small Masses' Momentum. It does not explain the source of Big Mass, Small Mass, the Space, the Time, and the Energy behind it. It is like the famous Geometry tricks, where to prove one Theorem, one uses the other Theorem to contradict or disprove! So Physicists, give these "unexplained" things some laws, like Newton did to his Laws of Gravitation, and still Einstein had to "re explain it" and they are still conducting experiments to prove if it is really true. We are just waiting for some redefinition of these laws, and it is not to undermine the contributions of these giants, but they just covery eons of steps in our understanding but the journey is not complete.

Like today, for Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons, they have observed Fermi Particles, like Quarks, Leptons making Baryons and Mesons, meditating Bosons, like Photons. But they still do not know why Micro Gravity happens, why Micro Hole Happens, what binds these protons and neutrons, except calling them a Strong Nuclear Force, and for decaying Radio Active Particles, calling it Weak Nuclear Force, and why Electrons goes around the nucleus, in Planck's Quantum Orbitals "n", Angular Momentum "l", Magnetic Momentum "m", and Spin of "+/- 1/2" - just like the Quarks have 1/3 and 2/3 Unit Charges!

This is not to undermine the progress made, but the modern research having Capitalistic Funding Orientation, and Political Backlashes, the Freedom and Creativity gets curtailed, to go against any Stalwarts. There are many examples, like the Cold Fusion Fiasco of last 2 decades, and Chandrasekhar in early part of 20th Century saying there are Black holes in a conference but to be "preempted" by a counter point before him by a Stalwart of his times, Sir Edmonton (to whom Chandrasekhar had confided before the conference). Science had to wait many decades to come to acceptance of Black Holes because of this fiasco.

It is to the commending of the modern scientists that some of the particles found in the labs and Nuclear Colliders, were predicted by Theoretical mathematics and Physics. Still a simple thing like Planck's Quantum Jumps is not explained by a "simple first principle" but by a law - but when their is a more common sense and first principle going to E&M Theory to prove it.

Think I will shut up as I am divulging my line of thinking of the paper I have undergoing over last 5 months in background - when I need to entertain myself, and socialize, I do this in the world of the books!